Let your songs be heard

If you’re an artist ready for the world to hear your music, you’ve come to the right place.

Our team at Free River Studios creates master productions that sound great.

Costs to make a record

Demo Recording

I can help you can make a demo of your song starting with as little as $200 for a guitar/vocal or piano/vocal recording. 

A demo with full band instrumentation requires quite a bit more setup, typically requiring a full day in the studio to start.

Full Master Production

Since every project is different, costs will vary depending on what you need. Full production starts at around $2,500 per song.

Contact me about your project and budget so I can give you an idea of what is possible!

Master Production typically includes:
  • Song Consultation and Curation – working with you to make sure your songs are the best they can be
  • Pre-production Strategy – considering your project needs and how your songs can position you in the market
  • Coordinating musicians and booking sessions when needed
  • Tracking and engineering – the magic part where it comes to life
  • Added production – many times we will overdub several other things after the tracking date to make the sound more full
  • Editing and tuning – making sure your vocals and all other aspects of the production are top-notch
  • Mixing – either in-house or with an engineer of your choice
  • Mastering – either in-house or with an engineer of your choice