About Me


Jamey Warren

I'm a Music Producer and Recording Engineer based out of Bozeman, MT. I collaborate with some of the best musicians around the globe to create radio ready music.  

I specialize in producing entire tracks from scratch. Recorded and mixed in a top-notch home studio on top of the line gear, you can be sure you are getting the top quality in sound, and I will work with you to get it just right and the sound/ style you want. I do a variety of styles, but specialize in modern Pop, Rock and Country tracks.

I can provide professionally recorded Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Bass, and Drum tracks. I also work with local artists in Montana that I can pull in for your project. I will work to get the sound YOU want for your project.

Full Song Instrumental Productions (You send an acoustic/ vocal or piano/vocal demo and I'll arrange, record, perform and mix the entire track from scratch.)

I'd love to help bring your project and musical vision to life! 

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Additional Services Include:

- Full album and Single production
- Instrumental Production
- Mixing
- Beat making
- Music for media
- Songwriting (Melody and Lyrics)
- Lyric writing and editing
- Synth Programming
- Midi Programming
- Vocal, Drum, Other Multitrack editing

Here's a short list of clients I have worked with: HeadRoom Poindexters Big Sky High Stuart Weber Ten Foot Tall & 80 Proof Hand Me Down Some Silver Montana Mandolin Society Montana State University Base Camp Recording Curt Warren 30-ot-Hix If you have any questions or would like to know more about how I can help you please contact me.