Jamey Warren - Producer, Recording Engineer & Musician

Producer / Engineer / Musician

Hi, I'm Jamey Warren

I specialize in producing entire music tracks from scratch.

Looking for help producing your next hit or making more money with your music?

I specialize in producing entire tracks from scratch. 

I provide Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Synth, Bass, and Drum tracks. I can also work with local artists to get you that authentic Montana sound for your next recording project.

Recorded and mixed in a top-notch studio on top of the line gear, you can be sure you are getting the top quality in sound. I will work with you to get just the right sound and style you want. 

Recording Studio Services

Choose from my Demo Recording Packages or contact me for larger projects.

Basic demo

One Instrument
One Vocal

Simple Demo

Three Instruments
Background Vocal (optional)

Standard Demo

Five Instruments
Background Vocals (Optional)
Full Sound

You have an awesome song, now all you need is a great sounding demo!

As your music producer, I can help you with everything from songwriting to distribution. Let’s talk about your project, and in a few short weeks we could be celebrating your next hit single!


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