UX Design

Ensure your website or application makes sense to your users and achieves your business goals. I'd love to help you tell your story the right way.

Bozeman, Montana based User Experience Design

I work as a consultant helping clients identify their business objectives and users’ motivations. I work with them to design experiences and user flows that make sense, with deliverables that range from low- to high-fidelity.

UX and product design consulting might include:

  • Conducting user research to determine user personas and use cases
  • Conducting usability studies to identify pain points in existing UIs and workflows
  • Creating user flows and high-level information architecture site maps
  • Constructing wireframes to show content organization
  • Creating prototypes and usability testing to test design concepts

I’m hands-on also deeply involved in implementation:

  • I am a skilled front-end developer with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with building sites using Shopify.
  • Strong background in writing and communication
  • I have a strong background in visual identity and design

Finally, I’m passionate about small business and the magic that happens within small, creative teams. If you’re looking for full creative design and Shopify services, check out my small, Bozeman, MT based design and development studio, Shop Distillery.