So a colleague of mine who I deeply respect recently said he thought Twitter and facebook are just a passing fad. His reasoning is that he thinks people want a simpler life and that these social networking sites are just too much noise for us to hold on to for the long run.

Google on the other hand seems to place a significant amount of weight on websites like twitter and facebook. I most recently noticed this when doing a little ego-surfing. Actually I think it’s good to know what other people are saying about you and your business so I suggest googling yourself often. Anyway, I used to be the first several results when doing a google search for Jamey Warren. I’ve observed over time another Jamey Warren who has a profile on twitter slowly rise to the top and now his twitter profile ranks number two to my personal website. I’m not whining here, I just think it’s really interesting.

So, as much as I respect my buddies opinion, I’m going with google and am going to continue pursuing my social media activities, maybe more than my website.

What are your thoughts? Is social media a fad? Is there any reason to have your own website anymore?