I just received my first set of mini business cards from Moo. Overall I’m pretty impressed. Moo lets you upload an image for each individual card which I thought was an awesome way for any photographer or graphic designer to showcase their work. Also, I was able to buy 100 cards for twenty bucks which allows me to refine my design and chosen images over time.  I still have about 950 of my old business cards so I figured I wouldn’t need as many this time around. Another plus for a small business. Last but not least, MOO business cards are made with 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable paper.

Moo offers their own image enhancement on their website which I opted out of because the preview seemed distorted and grainy to me. Unfortunately, all of my images seem a little dark. I kind of wish I would have tried the image enhancer but alas I didn’t. Maybe next time.

UPDATE:  I e-mailed MOO right after I received my cards and told them how I was a little bummed about the darker images.  The MOO Team responded just like they said they would and are sending me a re-printed set using their image enhancement.  Zach the service rep said, “The lamination process can actually darken the images slightly, so we recommend using our image enhancement when uploading JPEGs.”  So the moral of the story so far is, I should have listened to their advice.  Do yourself a favor, save some time and resources and use the MOO photo enhancer.  We’ll have some visual evidence in about a week.

FINAL UPDATE: The reprinted mini cards look fantastic.  Having my cards printed with the MOO photo enhancer will be the only way I go from here on out.  Highly recommended!

Here’s a closer look:

jameywarren.com moo mini cards

Moo mini cards for jameywarren.com

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