Get the hell out of the yard is a book by Bob Sisk.

It’s taken quite a while for Bob and I to get to this point. He put a lot of work into this project. After having written the book and showing me his slideshow we started talking about an audio book. So, I sold him a Shure SM58 and an CEntrance MicPort Pro and sent him on his way to his hideout in the Bridger Mountains. After a little coaching we uploaded a few of his short stories to his website and he became comfortable using the mic. We considered the quality of sound and if a professional voice over would be more appropriate but I encouraged him to continue plugging away. We can always have somebody else read his book. Having the author read it to you is a unique treat in my mind. So, if you listen closely you might hear the crackling of a wood stove or birds chirping in the background. I consider this ear candy that you don’t get from your average audio book.

We considered a number of options for distribution of Bob’s book in its various formats from iTunes, Amazon, and every independent book publishing company on the internet but the options were all very complicated and not fully integrated so we decided on a do it yourself approach. Get The Hell Out Of The Yard is a website dedicated to showcasing the story of Earl Little Elk. Using WordPress, WooThemes, and WooCommerce we were able to deliver the story in all of its media formats from a video slideshow to audio book and ebook, offering it for sale with all of the proceeds going directly to the artist.

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