Last week my friend Sean called me out on one of my weaknesses which is my struggle with commitment. It’s easy for me to dodge criticism if I keep saying things like, “I’m not really a bass player.” or, ” I just do this web stuff for fun.” So, I’ve been doing some soul searching to figure out exactly what it is that I do. While watching Guy Kawasaki talk about Enchantment at Stanford University I really started to feel a connection with what he was saying so I decided to buy his book. Enchantment has already helped me learn how to overcome resistance.

The resistance I have been creating for myself is caused by my fear of making a mistake.  Here’s what Guy says about it.

People may think that as long as they haven’t make a choice, they haven’t made a mistake. Once they make a choice, they’re either right or wrong. This fear of finding out can make people reluctant to make a choice. Although not making a choice is it self a choice.

Enchantment has inspired me to write My Mantra. As I think about what it is I want to do I come up with two different categories of stuff. Personal maybe even selfish reasons like wanting to be able to play music whenever I want, have kids and spend time with them, make a good living for my family, hike and fish more, enjoy nature without distraction. Then there are reasons which are more enchanting and are for a good cause. As I write My Mantra these are some of the things that come to mind that I think are worth working hard for.

  • I want to create good jobs in my town.
  • Help artists and small businesses grow by marketing to the world.
  • Reduce my carbon footprint and that of others.

Enchantment is changing the way I live my life but as Guy says it’d developed over time, not something you can just turn on one day. And so begins my path towards Enchantment.

Here’s an info graphic that sums up the book but don’t just read for the cliff notes. Click on it and order the book. It’s good for you.

Enchantment Infographic