Basecamp Recording, a professional boutique-size recording studio, is located just outside of Bozeman, Montana on the edge of the Gallatin National Forest and is home to producer / singer / songwriter Chris Cuningham (of Storyhill, Red House Records). Basecamp’s  focus is primarily on high end productions for singer/songwriters and acoustic groups as well as live band recordings. Basecamp has 3 acoustically treated tracking rooms, an array of high end microphones and pre-amps, and a fully furnished guest apartment. Many updates have been made in the last year to the facility as well as the gear. With a well built studio and years of experience under his belt, Chris is putting the final touches on his marketing plan. Naturally his plans include a website update.

Basecamp Recording has seen a few different designs in it’s time but just wasn’t getting the attention it deserved until now. Luckly, Basecamp’s website was built using WordPress allowing me to easily jump in and make updates. I’m still cleaning up some odds and ends but in just a day, it got a complete makeover.

Go check out Basecamp Recording and tell me what you think!Bozeman Recording Studio