I recently accepted a full time position as product development manager for HeadRoom, the center of the headphone universe.  At least that’s what I see one of my biggest challenges to be, that is making sure HeadRoom is the number one place for all things headphone.  I’m super excited to be working there again and look forward to collaborating with their diverse and talented crew. Though this is not necessarily that new for me as I have been consulting with HeadRoom for several months and was previously employed in a variety of positions for four years.  I took a short break for a couple of years to focus on my own personal and professional goals.  Now I’m back and I’ve realized how inline HeadRoom’s goals are with mine and can’t wait to get the ball rolling.

The hardest part for me has been focusing my efforts on what is most important.  While there are a lot of reasons why a product may or may not see the light of day, here is a small opportunity for you to influence the future of what HeadRoom has to offer.

What would your favorite headphone related product look like?

Describe your ideal headphone, headphone amp, ipod accessory or general audio widget in the comments section below.