1. I love Mexican food. Especially hot salsa.
  2. I’m a dog lover and bought my house so my labs could have a yard.
  3. I drive down into Paradise Valley almost every weekend and thank my lucky stars every time.
  4. I dream of living in Hawaii long enough to learn how to surf.
  5. I’m a D.I.Y. kind of guy.
  6. I don’t have a Texas accent even though I grew up in El Paso.  I probably have a Spanish accent more than any.
  7. It takes me a long time to fill out a short list about me.
  8. I still  want to teach music when I grow up.
  9. Bought my first pair of cowboy boots at age 32.  Still haven’t rode a horse yet.
  10. Grew up playing saxophone but mostly play bass and acoustic guitar these days.